SamBoad Business Group aims to lead industry in 2025


SamBoad Business Group Limited said on Tuesday it intends to consolidate its leadership position as the leading Business Service Provider in Ghana in 2025.

This strategic objective was endorsed by the entire Management, Staff and its investors of SamBoad Business Group LLC, at a Strategy Session held via Zoom due to Covid19 protocols

This was made clear and quoted by Samuel Kwame Boadu, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SamBoad Business Group LLC saying, the firm was all set to continue into 2025 in a strong position.

He mentioned a number of innovations and measures that had pushed the firm forward and named for example, a lot of hardwork and sacrifice which had been expended into building the SamBoad Express and bringing it to its present position.

Samuel Kwame Boadu said he was hopeful about the potential of the firm, adding ?I have never been more optimistic about our future than I am today??.

He thanked the staff , investors and management for the achievement and said he appreciated the efforts of the long serving staff of SamBoad Business Group Limited, for their contributions through the years.

The zoom meeting which was participated in by some Management Team, was used as means to take stock of the firm’s performance this year and also to elaborate on the Strategic Objectives set by the Investors and Management Staff  for 2025.

Some Management of SamBoad Business Group LLC also took turns to interact with some staff and explain the firm’s immediate strategic direction, stressing on the need to remain relevant and profitable. Key among them were how the firm plans to serve its growing customer base through SamBoad Express and raise funds oneday to resume SamBoad Micro-Credit Services.

SamBoad Business Group Limited is currently one of the leaders amongst the courier especially the food delivery business in Ghana, controlling approximately over 45 riders within 6 months of operations.

Samboad Business Group LLC

Samboad Business Group LLC