June 14, 2024
SamBoad Business Group Limited Finally Registers SamBoad Football Academy as its Foundation

In a groundbreaking move, SamBoad Business Group Limited has officially registered the SamBoad Football Academy at the Registrar General’s Department of Ghana. This marks the first step in the company’s ambitious plan to establish a foundation dedicated to empowering young girls through sports. The Academy, now a fully legal entity as a Foundation Limited by Guarantee (LBG), aims to provide a platform for girls in Ghana to hone their football skills and pursue their dreams in the sport.

SamBoad Business Group Limited Finally Registers SamBoad Football Academy as its Foundation at Registrar General
SamBoad Finally Registers SamBoad Football Academy

The Vision

The visionary behind this initiative, Samuel Kwame Boadu, CEO of SamBoad Business Group Ltd, has always been passionate about using sports as a vehicle for social change. Having witnessed the transformative power of football in communities, he envisioned an academy that would not only develop athletic talent but also instill life skills, confidence, and a sense of community among young girls.

The Registration Journey

The journey to establish the SamBoad Football Academy began months ago with meticulous planning and unwavering determination. The registration process, though rigorous, was a testament to the Group’s commitment to creating a legally sound and operational foundation. The Registrar General’s Department of Ghana, known for its stringent processes, ensured that every requirement was met, and finally, the Academy was granted full legal status.

Mission and Goals

SamBoad Football Academy is not just about football; it’s about building futures. The Academy’s mission is to provide comprehensive training programs that blend sports education with academic support. The goals are clear:

  • Develop Football Skills: Provide top-notch training and resources to help girls excel in football.
  • Promote Education: Ensure that all academy members receive quality education alongside their sports training.
  • Empower Girls: Use football as a tool to empower girls, teaching them leadership, teamwork, and resilience.
  • Create Opportunities: Open pathways for girls to compete at higher levels, both nationally and internationally.

Community Impact

The establishment of the Academy is expected to have a significant impact on local communities. By providing a safe and supportive environment for girls to play football, the Academy aims to challenge gender stereotypes and encourage greater female participation in sports. It also hopes to inspire other organizations to invest in similar initiatives, creating a ripple effect that benefits the wider community.

Looking Ahead

With the registration complete and legal status secured, SamBoad Football Academy is poised to become a beacon of hope and opportunity for young girls in Ghana. The Academy’s future plans include expanding its reach to rural areas, developing scholarship programs, and forming partnerships with international and local football clubs and organizations.

Samuel Kwame Boadu and his team at SamBoad Business Group Limited are dedicated to making this dream a reality. They believe that through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence, the SamBoad Football Academy will not only produce outstanding football players but also empower a generation of young girls to achieve their fullest potential.

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