SamBoad Business Group Limited secures funds from two(2) Investment Firms

SamBoad Business Group Limited has secured a medium-term funding arrangement with two(2) investment management firms in Ghana.

The funding arrangement provides the opportunity to introduce an asset investment of up to $30,000 to $100,000.

As a commitment to this process, the two investment firms has made an initial disbursement of $10,000 to SamBoad Express through SamBoad Business Group Limited .

The deal was arrived at following an initial expression of interest and the outcome of subsequent due diligence it conducted on the operations of SamBoad Business Group Limited.

Explaining the rationale behind the relationship, the Representatives of these two firms, said “we got introduced to SamBoad Business Group Limited in 2019 and have since keenly observed the growth of SamBoad Business Group Limited and find their success story compelling. It is for this reason that we feel optimistic about this partnership and the future.”


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Commenting on the subject, the Chief Executive Officer of SamBoad Business Group Limited, Samuel Kwame Boadu, said his company was very excited about the relationship and that “we are also willing to do a lot more with these two investors in the near future as this partnership grows and hope we can purchase more assets and create more employment in Ghana

Samboad Business Group LLC

Samboad Business Group LLC