SamBoad Business Group Limited to pay $30,000 dividends to Investors

One of the best service providing company, SamBoad Business Group Limited is set to pay its investors agreed dividends totalling $30,000 by the end of the year, December 31, 2022.

This implies that the investment made before the start of the year into Samboad Business Group Limited has started yielding and per agreed contracts dividends must start from January 2022.

According to the Company Secretary and Logistics Manager, Emmanuel Senyegah, “We are pleased to inform our investors that the assets acquired are beginning to yield profits as discussed and we are hopeful that by the end of the year 2022 all dividends will be paid to most of the investors who believed in the vision of SamBoad Business Group Limited”.

“The Advisory Body of SamBoad business Group Limited also recommended that most investors dividend should be quarterly given so that investors can also decide what to do with their money before the year ends.”

The Chief Executive Officer, Samuel Kwame Boadu stated that “The details of the audited accounts will be published upon approval on the company’s website. We are not an investment company but we are glad a lot of friends believe in the vision and are able to invest to create jobs for the youth and in return get profit on their money.”

The dividend payout has triggered a lot of investors interested in SamBoad Business Group Limited which in 2020 was valued at $44,000 by crunch base but the Chief Executive Officer, Samuel Kwame Boadu has made it clear that the next batch of Investment can be considered when we are half way through with the initial investment entrusted with the company to expand.

Samboad Business Group LLC

Samboad Business Group LLC