SamBoad Business Group LLC Partners Bolt Food

Not so long ago, SamBoad Business Group Limited announced an expansion of its services,  which is the courier services that will be named “SamBoad Express

Today, SamBoad Business Group Limited has proved that it is committed to making life simpler for all Ghanaians no matter their location by partnering with Bolt Food Ghana . This expansion has seen alot of Investors trooping in and buying motors for the Express Team to earn monthly income whiles they still keep their assets which is the motorcycles.

As densely populated and traffic prone areas in Accra, this means customers who find themselves either working or living in these areas and  find it daunting to manoeuvre through traffic to access their favourite restaurants now have a dependable partner in SamBoad Express and Bolt Food to deliver their meals at the click of a button.


In addition to the expansion of its services, the founder and CEO of SamBoad Business Group Limited, Samuel Kwame Boadu stated that not everyone who wants to invest will be allowed to , this investment package is for those who believe in the vision of SamBoad Business Group Limited and SamBoad Express. He futher stated that, “Bolt Food has also introduced a new food Pick-Up feature that allows eaters to order and pick up food from restaurants that they prefer to to pick up their food themselves rather than waiting for a courier to deliver so Ghanaians should do well and download the bolt food app and be part of this great initiative ”

Samboad Business Group LLC

Samboad Business Group LLC