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Charity Arm of SamBoad Business Group Limited
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Economic Empowerment

SamBoad Foundation is increasingly sharing its robust delivery platform and working in partnership with institutions, to create meaningful and permanent impact across Africa especially Ghana

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Charitable Works

We give to the needy or back to our society through partnership with individuals or other Not-for profit organisations.

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Entrepreneurship Programmes

Commitment by Samuel Kwame Boadu to empower 10,000 African entrepreneurs over 10 years. Building on the Programme’s success and its unique ability to identify, mentor and fund entrepreneurs across Africa especially Ghana

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SamBoad Foundation

We believe in renewing of mindset to change lives. We use entrepreneurship for good, creating solutions that bring about sustainable change, and can be scaled to benefit the greatest number of people across Ghana.

Through a strategy of Connecting for Good, SamBoad Foundation combines SamBoad’s charitable giving and partnerships to create long-term, sustainable programmes that help to address the world’s most pressing problems.

SamBoad Business Group Limited is our principal funder for projects around the nation that are run in partnership with other charitable organisations & NGOs.


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