Samuel Kwame Boadu One-On-One With Hoehoe E.P Senior High School Students

Garnering more than 700 students, the Founder and CEO of SamBoad Business Group Limited didn’t disappoint. The conversation, focusing on “Building Businesses and Scholarship,” on His Volta & Accra High School Tour organised by the SamBoad Foundation was a talk about in other senior High schools.

To the delight of students, the conversation progressed along the lines on how students can qualify for a scholarship with his firm SamBoad Travel & Educational Consult, subsidiary of SamBoad Business Group Limited. Both teachers and moderators who helped with the gathering also shared ideas and brought significant expertise and knowledge to the table, yet Samuel engaged students through simplified, relevant and practical steps.

Samuel Kwame Boadu immediately addressed one of the top roadblocks to building businesses and proliferation, citing an age-old tradition that money should not be discussed. He said it is, unfortunately, taboo to talk about money, particularly in the African community, but must be dispelled.

“When I was very young, my mother had me do some business errands with her and thought me how to handle money. In the beginning it was counting each money she brings home and asks me to go and save it in a container under her bed, then it was counting the change and ask me to keep it and after a week asks me again to see if I saved it,” he said, noting the very act of participating in the process and saving of money provides a sense of clarity for children at a young age.
The conversation perfectly navigated and addressed several issues specific to students, many of which were raised by Hohoe E.P High School students, including foundational components of investing and finance, integrating a degree with entrepreneurial pursuits, career and plan roadblocks, corporate success and more

Concluding the conversation, Samuel Kwame Boadu addressed the considerable need to improve financial literacy, entrepreneurship and securing of students scholarships hence one to excel very well to acquire that.

“If I could change one thing, if I were President or Minister of Employment in Ghana for a day, and if I could just snap my magic finger, it’s that we would be teaching money and investing starting in senior high schools in Ghana,” he said. “I think financial knowledge, entrepreneurship and the language of money is like a foreign language. The earlier you start, the better you will be.”

While time constraints prevented every question from being addressed, Samuel Kwame Boadu concluded that students should take life easy and learn from every bit of what life brings it but above all they should still keep praying and never stop believing in their God given talents, it takes patience, hard work and continuous learning to achieve great things in Life.


Samboad Business Group LLC

Samboad Business Group LLC