Samuel Kwame Boadu supports girls in STEM through Girlytech

Samuel Kwame Boadu & SamBoad Team supports girls in STEM through Girlytech

SamBoad Business Group Limited and Girlytech Foundation have partnered to upskill Girls in rural communities in STEM and entrepreneurship.

Zongovation, through its Girlytech Initiative, has collaborated with Samuel Kwame Boadu’s firm SamBoad Business Group Limited to provide girls in rural communities especially Zongo communities with technology-based tools, resources and mentorship.

Through this support – which will benefit girls between the ages of 13 to 40 years across the rural communities in Ghana – the two organizations will help girls who are interested in Entrepreneurship and S.T.E.M. to effectively use ICT to modernize their schooling and future business, enrich their skills in Tech at an early age and build apps that can earn them a living after school.

“Girlytech and SamBoad Business Group Limited share a common goal to accelerate economic and social development by promoting entrepreneurship and technology,” said Samuel Kwame Boadu, Founder, SamBoad Business Group Limited.

“As we enter into an era of digital transformation, it’s vital that we help all girls in the school develop relevant technology skills and integrate ICT into their daily activities. Technology can help SMEs as well reach customers outside their local markets, generate powerful business insights and improve their customer retention. We have found that SMEs who adopt this kind of modern IT have seen faster revenue growth than those not using it. We need to start early and believe that these girls can build apps for entrepreneurs and their communities.”

Girlytech and SamBoad Business Group Limited aside from training these girls will provide Entrepreneurs in rural communities with access to cloud-based software, online support and technology, information and markets SMEs can use, technical training on Microsoft technologies and platforms, coding and programming as well as workshops and boot camps.

Samuel Kwame Boadu supports girls in STEM through Girlytech

“Every year, the SamBoad Team organize entrepreneurship tours and seminars providing 1,000 students and interested youth with business training, mentoring, access to seed capital funding through SamBoad Micro-credit services, scholarships through SamBoad Travel & Educational Consult & donations through SamBoad Foundation,” CEO, Samuel Kwame Boadu added.

“With SamBoad on board, we’re adding an essential ICT mixed with Entrepreneurial activities to this mix, which will help to strengthen the capacity of our girls – ensuring they remain relevant and competitive,” added Faiza Chenti Adam, founder of Girlytech

“The economic environment of the world today is more competitive than ever and to make a mark upon this market, there is the only thing that companies can do. It is to innovate and develop tools that satisfy some needs existing within the market. Involving women in such a workforce can help the STEM field to get access to a major talent pool. Such talent pools are known to bring a different perspective to the daily functions that include, innovating and developing products. There is a wind of change and I believe the GirlyTech Team partnering with the SamBoad Team and Elroy Salam are ready to change the narrative and stereotypes,” Samuel Kwame Boadu concluded.

“To engineer a better society, we need to begin very young. A strong foundation of creativity and analytical thinking should be embraced at an early stage,” Elroy Salam added when interviewed after the event.

The girls were taken through different types of engineering and how to solve problems using the engineering process and made simple but interesting projects on how to make a breadboard using Arduino.

The students were given hands-on training on Arduino kits by Alhassan Tahiru.

They were also trained on how to use the Arduino programming software and how to do various types of programming.

Source: Graphic Online

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