November 25, 2021
SamBoad and Samuel Kwame Boadu joins Ghana National Chamber of Pharmacy

Digital Media Expert & Business Consultant, Samuel Kwame Boadu, has joined Ghana National Chamber of Pharmacy as an Administrative Officer & Digital Strategist with his SamBoad Team

This milestone comes after working for two years with Unicaf Ghana and top brands as their Social Media Manager. During the unveiling which saw some of the industry players present, Samuel Kwame Boadu was confirmed as the new employed Administrator of the Chamber of Pharmacy.



He has an Associate degree in Human Resource Management with more than 10(Ten) short courses certificates from Top UK  Universities.

He has worked with entities like Dalex Swift, Beige Bank etc with him being the greatest influence in a lot of brands.

The Chamber of Pharmacy is noted for its collaboration with all industry stakeholders and its ability to protect and pursue the collective needs and interests of members in order to create a pharmaceutical industry that supports members and national development.

The Chamber has positioned itself to serve its members from all segments of the pharmaceutical industry, namely local manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, practitioners/consultants, other stakeholders from the academia and other training institutions.

The Chamber aspires to be a research hub that seeks to collect, analyse and interpret practical industry data to inform, impact and influence policy, law and regulation.

The Chamber is also an advocacy voice that seeks to speak authoritatively and act proactively on all national issues that are likely to affect the pharmaceutical industry.

“Samuel Kwame Boadu’s employment is something we are excited about looking at his years of many experience, his integrity and his passion to grow business models. Samuel will be accountable to the Chief Executive Officer and work closely with the Head of Finance, traveling with some management staff and work within Chamber’s policies and procedures to oversee the day-to-day administrative operations and usher us into the digital world as well,” said Mr. Anthony Ameka, the Chief Executive Officer of Ghana National Chamber of Pharmacy.

He added that though Samuel Kwame Boadu will be occupying an important position in the Chamber, he will also be remotely be moving to build some businesses within and outside the Chamber.

Samuel Kwame Boadu is a man who wears several hats; he is a sort after consultant, a social media manager, a digital manager, a business developer, a publicist, a PR guy and a digital media consultant. In his work, he helps companies and entities project their value, build their online presence through effective digital media and administrative strategies..


Source: B&FT

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